I really want to improve my shooting, but I don't want to change anything!

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Want to improve your shotgunning skills?

by: Joe Rankin

The fastest & least expensive route to improvement is to seek out a qualified Instructor. Practicing your errors & mistakes is not only expensive, but ingrains them, which makes change more difficult. It’s true that your shooting friends may be able to call a missed target but that doesn’t explain what caused the miss. An experienced Instructor will know the reason & provide a solution to correct the problem.

Shooting instruction for Sporting Clays & wing shooting in the United States is a fairly recent phenomenon. However, in the U.K & other regions, shooting schools have existed for over 100 years. Learning to shoot proficiently is no different than learning to play a musical instrument, golf or tennis. The best way is to seek out a qualified, experienced Instructor who can teach the proper basics then diagnosis problems as they occur.

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