I want to start my kid shooting - what's the best age?

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I've decided I need lessons - what do I need to know before the first one?

by: Joe Rankin

If you’ve been shooting some already, you probably have the necessary equipment. If not, take a look at the list below. Please read past the list though…the last part is most important.

Items to bring for you first lesson:

• Shotgun - please DO NOT buy a new gun if you don’t already have one. I’ll be glad to loan you one that will work just fine to begin with. You’ll get good advice on what you need to purchase & will likely save some money as well.

• Eye protection – This is imperative. I have safety glasses you may use to begin with. If you wear prescription glasses or contacts, you’ll need correction for distance. Some glasses are so small that they don’t work well for shooting. Bring glasses with fairly large lenses if you have them.

• Ear protection – I can furnish disposable ear plugs until you decide what’s best for you. Let me show you some options before spending your money.

• Shooting vest or shell pouch. If you don’t have one, I’ll have one you can borrow.

• If you don’t use a vest, please make sure that your shirt or jacket is one you can shoot in comfortably. If the fabric bunches up behind the pad, you probably need to find another garment.

• Shotshells – you’ll need low recoil shells. One ounce is best for 12 gauge & 7/8 ounce for 20 gauge. If you aren’t sure what to buy, let me know & I’ll furnish them for you. It’s important that you get low velocity / low recoil shells. Ask me if you are unsure about your selection.

• Bring an OPEN MIND that is EAGER TO LEARN! You’ll be amazed at what you’ll be able to accomplish if you allow yourself to relax & learn.

Please show up a few minutes ahead of your lesson time to get your gear ready. I don’t want to waste your lesson time watching you get ready to begin. The lesson is YOUR TIME…make the most of it.

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