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I really want to improve my shooting, but I don't want to change anything!

by: Joe Rankin

Wow! That’s like saying I want to loose 20 pounds, but I want to stay on the same diet that makes me need to loose weight! Sorry, that just doesn’t make any sense.

If there is going to be improvement, there is going to be change. Said another way, with positive change, there will be improvement! It’s been said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over & over but expecting a different result!” If you’re going to make improvement, you must embrace the idea of change. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting clay targets, playing tennis, or learning to play the piano. Change is necessary for improving your skills.

For some reason, we’re all resistant to changing anything. I suppose it’s human nature. We know what to expect if we keep doing the same things over & over, but we still seem to reject changing our routine…even if it means we’re likely to see advances in an area that we really want to improve.

If you’re serious about improving your shotgun skills, you need to make changes. Practicing the same bad habits over & over only makes them more difficult to break. There are lots of skills you need to learn that you’re not likely to ever figure out on your own. You need someone to take you out of your comfort zone & into new territory. There’s no telling how much fun you might have & what you’ll learn about yourself in the process. I’ll bet big bucks that you’ll even gain new friends while learning new shooting skills.

I'm going to quote something I saw on a friend’s website: It said, “If there’s no change, there’s no change!”

Makes perfect sense to me.

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