I want to start my kid shooting - what's the best age?

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I want to start my kid shooting - what's the best age?

by: Joe Rankin

My answer to that is age is not the only determining factor. Certainly, the young shooter should be old enough & mature enough to grasp the importance of safety & safe gun handling. But, equally important is that he or she should be large enough & have sufficient upper body strength to learn a proper shooting stance while holding the shotgun. I have seen many youth who would have been much better shooters if they only waited one more year to begin. Once they form poor habits because of shooting when not large or strong enough, it’s difficult to make positive changes. Parents, your kids should be 95-100 pounds & have sufficient upper body strength to handle the shotgun before they begin shooting. Kids are the future of our sport…let’s make sure they’re large enough in stature & maturity to do well from the beginning.

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