I want to start my kid shooting - what's the best age?

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Practice at home!

by: Joe Rankin

Yep, it works & saves lots of shells in the process. Possessing a good gun mount is one of the best ways to harvest more game & break more clay targets. Once your Instructor has taught you how to properly mount the gun, you can make great strides by practicing at home…with an unloaded gun, of course. If you don’t learn to properly mount the gun, you might as well shoot with a pre-mounted gun. But, that presents a problem in the hunting field, doesn’t it. Even though some prefer to shoot Sporting Clays with a pre-mounted gun, I still like them to learn a proper mount anyway. Why, you ask? I can’t think of a single person I’ve worked with over the years who doesn’t enjoy hunting, which requires a low gun.

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