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Truck Vault - Sports and Outdoors

We started manufacturing TruckVaults 14 years ago with the sportsman in mind. Whether your passion is hunting, fishing, skeet/trap or sporting clays, bird watching, scuba diving, golf, or other forms of outdoor activities, TruckVault products deliver absolute peace of mind by providing you the ultimate in-vehicle security solution. Today, TruckVault leads the world in providing secure in-vehicle storage solutions to the sport market as well as to over 500 police and sheriff departments, federal and state agencies, and many branches of the military.

With products made to fit every vehicle on the road today, TruckVault products add a combination of function, organization, and security elements that maximize your vehicle’s usable space. Both our standard and custom product configurations anticipate your basic and elevated secure storage needs for your valuable gear. TruckVault products can be found in vehicles owned by companies in a variety of industries to include: diamond brokers, pharmaceutical and medical reps, surveyors, insurance companies, and television crews to name a few.

TruckVault products go well beyond just protecting your valuables from theft. The materials use din our construction process prevent harmful condensation. By eliminating the possibility of interior moisture buildup, damage to metal finishes, electronics, and optics are of little to no concern. Stored securely in a TruckVaultyour valuables are also protected from dust and dirt contamination.

From your driveway, through every step of your personal and business travels, TruckVaultelevates the level of security your vehicles provides ensuring that every trip is a pleasurable one.

Buy Quality. Buy American. Buy TruckVault. For more information on TruckVault and customization please contact:

Joe Rankin
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