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Truck Vault - Fire and Rescue

At TruckVault, our motivation is that every minute we can help shave from response time has the potential to save a life. Intuitive organization, fast access and complete security are the foundation our designs. In coordination with fire and rescue professionals, our development process has anticipated need, prioritized functionality and responded with the best product selection available.

Because every TruckVault is built one at a time by skilled craftsman, accommodating custom requirements is never an issue. From mobile command centers to agile mountain or river response teams, there’s a TruckVault available that will maximize preparation, facilitate rapid deployment and protect valuable equipment at all times.

protection earns its’ reputation for excellence in regards to theft prevention, but extends much further. A TruckVault’s construction materials do not promote condensation. Delicate electronic instruments are protected from moisture damage, along with dirt and dust, even under the most demanding environmental conditions.

Buy Quality. Buy American. Buy TruckVault.
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