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Wilson Combat Rifles - Several on Order - ALL SOLD!


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I have 14 of these rifles on order. Several are already sold. You can reserve yours with a deposit. We can configure the rifle any way you want it. There are four models to choose from, four colors, and a long list of options. Or you can get the base rifle & add the accessories you want.

This is the description for the UT-15 rifle which is their most popular model.


Wilson Combat’s® UT-15 Urban Tactical model is an ideal all-around tactical or sporting semi-auto carbine. It offers precise accuracy and fast handling versatility in a lightweight package, with our famous unequalled quality, relentless reliability, and superior service. We start with precision CNC machined upper and lower receivers, using high-quality 7075 T6 aluminum forgings. The upper utilizes a flat-top receiver and a 16.25” free-floated, fluted, match grade barrel. Uppers and lowers are hand-matched by a master riflesmith.

The UT-15 features a precision JP trigger/hammer, tuned to a crisp 3-3.5 pound trigger pull, facilitating the inherent accuracy potential of this carbine. A master riflesmith then carefully assembles and fits the rifle with what we consider the finest barrel in the industry. The result is a tactical rifle that you can stake your life on; one guaranteed to shoot 1 MOA at 100 yards with quality ammunition.

The same qualities that have made the UT-15 Urban Tactical rifle a favorite defensive weapon also make it an outstanding choice for a sporting rifle. Light weight, compact size, dependable performance in all weather conditions – plus extreme accuracy – assure excellence in the field. Whether you are a target shooter, varmint hunter, or even a weekend plinker, our UT-15 is a superb choice you will enjoy in the field.

Some standard features of the Wilson Combat® UT-15 Tactical include:

Available Armor-Tuff® Colors:

Color choices may affect price call for details



Call Joe Rankin at 601-953-6615 for prices.

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